We are two old friends united by the same passion: books for children. We are convinced that stories kept from generation to generation before going to sleep, around countless fires or curled up under the stars shape our souls and are the way we make sense of the world.

In 2012 we started this small independent publishing company with a first handcrafted book: Octavia.

In 2013 we developed maps, guides and books that explore our city of origin -Buenos Aires. They are the result of having escorted, for more than 20 years, countless children and adults to discover the city and to treasure it in their memories.

Always seeking excellence in the selection of authors and illustrators, in 2014, we are opening “new horizons”, developing new maps and guides and working on the digital version of them.

The elegance and uniqueness of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires City was never more beautifully pictured than in BA Children´s Maps. With up-dated historical information and a fun & friendly presentation these useful maps include tips to enjoy the experience of exploring a new city with your children.
More info: www.buenosaireschildrenmaps.com

Painting Cities collection...
Excellent entertainment for children discovering the city while painting fun illustrations of four neighborhoods . Then, they can send them by mail!!

Our colorful products, invite us to play, to discover , and make us return to the sources: to look, to surprise, to paint,& share them with friends or distant relatives

A detailed what-to-do-with-children guide to explore Buenos Aires´s neighbourhoods. Tips that children will love : a list of what to do, where to stay & where to eat plus activities, curious facts, parks, zoos, museums that offer funny activities for children, etc… following Trini & her dog Pila throughout Buenos Aires streets.

With stickers to locate your favorite landmarks & create your own Buenos Aires map.

A collection of books with stories about the country, Buenos Aires city, its dwellers, famous characters, etc.

PORTEÑOS, Octavia.

Other titles in our list: Argentinian cuisine for children, Trees & Flowers of BA, Argentinian celebrations, The Gauchito Gil.

To the North of Ave. de Mayo this map explores the surroundings of the impressive 9 de julio boulevard, the districts of Recoleta & Palermo and continues up to Tigre, to explore the labyrinth of islands of the Delta of Paraná River.

To the South of Ave. de Mayo this map explores the historical Plaza de Mayo (May Square) and the districts of San Telmo, La Boca and Puerto Madero.

An interactive aplication for cell phones including all relevant information to go around Buenos Aires with kids, with games, treasure hunts, agenda, tips, etc…
To be used before, during and after your trip!




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